Power Lifting!

Janet Toral is such an amazing blogger. On the first note, she just made the Top ten most influencial blog for 2007 successful. In fact, some of my friends went to the grand eyeball and awarding of the said event. Now she's doing another great project which is the Filipina Writing project.

Filipinas outnumber Filipinos in terms of population in the country and that is a fact. But what is ironic is that majority of the top decision-making positions in the corporate and government arena in the country are being taken by Filipinos. Truly, Janet Toral's Filipina writing project is another way to empower more women to strive and get away from the classic norms that the Philippine society had made for them.

Much like what this blog advertising site does for bloggers and advertisers in the internet realm. It empowers bloggers by rewarding them through their creative postings. Likewise, for advertisers through introducing their products and services through the postings of different brilliant bloggers.


Loud and proud

Congratulations to a good friend of mine Anitokid for winning Janet Toral's top ten emerging influencial blogs 2007.!

Anitokid's blog exudes meaningful insights on contemporary Sports, political and technological issues, both local and international, without neglecting the intelligent humor factor.

Way to go!

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