Movies I want to watch

1. Pan's Labyrinth - I am curious about this movie.
2. 300 - It is not the story. Its the breath-taking graphics.
3. Rocky Balboa - Lets just see.
4. Hostel 2 - I was disturbed watching the first part.Now I want to see the second part.
5. Pursuit of Happiness - 80's
6. Apocalypto - Curious about the brutal scenes.
7. The Fountain - Love story with a twist
8. Stomp the yard - Afro-American Dance
9. Alpha Dog - Street life in the US.
10.Hannibal Rising - Brain-eating Human.
11. Saw 3 - The first and the second part were great. Definitely, this one would be great too!

The Nintendo Wii Experience

When I got into our office this morning, rick was discussing about Nintendo Wii. After a few minutes we went for a Wii Experience. We played Tennis!. Indeed, an experience!

I thought it will going to be hard playing the Wii because the controller is wireless and might not read our body movements. Also, since I was really used to playing PC games (i.e.DOTA-Warcraft and all) that was why I got a little bit doubtful if Wii would really work for me. However, I was wrong.The controller was sensitive enough .It really converts movement. And playing it was as easy as counting one, two, three. However, it will really use up your energy. It was like playing a real tennis with your racket lesser in weight.

And the moment of truth: I won the race to 5 challenge. 3-0 (Haha!). And because of that, I really have to work hard for our assignment for today. We are loaded. Its time to extract some of our Retailing and Real Estate knowledge.

Idiot's Guide -- For Voting

As we have known for the longest time, we are still living in a third world country. And I believe , one of the biggest factors that contribute to the sluggish movement of our country in gaining total independence (i.e., Self-sufficient in all aspects)is the high corruption rate from our idols, tols or whatever you want to call them-Our Politicians. Now, in order to stop this everyday doom's day experience that we are having in our country, we need to cull some personalities who want to have a seat in the government in this coming election. How? Here's mine:

1. Ignorance is bliss, but for a person who possesses this quality especially in politics should be immediately dumped.
2. I will not give mercy for obvious Idiots
3. It is not considerable if He/she does not have any experience in management
4. I will not vote for A fickle minded person
5. It is guaranteed that I will not vote for a person who is obviously corrupt
6. I will not pick for a person who can not even make a plan/platforms.
7. I will drop a person immediately from my list if he/she just sings and dances during campaigns.
8. It will be unacceptable for me if the person does not even know what a law or constitution is.
9. A kind or obedient person who is not educated enough will be culled.
10.Political cronies - definite NO for me.

Note: I will vote for Mike Defensor.

Nintendo Wii

Rick just recently got back from New York for our another training. Fortunately he brought with him a Nintendo Wii . The Wii, as they say, is for our team. I guess It will be use to detoxify us from time to time. Or I suspect in order for us to produce more best results from our work, a Nintendo wii time maybe twice or even thrice a day would definitely be needed (And it is!). Its really a great idea.

**Nintendo Wii boosted the stock price of Nintendo Company and dumped the sales of PS3 and other game consoles. And as of the moment, Supply of Nintendo Wii in the US and even in the world market is in Shortage. Many Nintendo fanatics are dying to have one. I guess we are lucky enough.

Yabang Pinoy!

Last time I had posted on my other blog site about the Gig that my friends/officemates organized. The gig was really awesome!.Hands down on it! The place(Sensation Bar, Makati) complemented well on the genre of music that bands had played. The place was dark and really cozy. It is ,indeed, conducive for somebody who wants to relax. The kinds of music that were played ( as I perceived) were like fusions of ethnic, rock, reggae and trance. It was really great.By the way, Here is one of the example of the songs that was played on the event( The video was grabbed at the blog of Ryan):

Band name-Unitiima. The percussionist at the left hand side was the Master organizer of the event--Ryan

Valentine's day

I had noticed that many people, especially women, were holding flowers when I was on the road going to our office. I almost forgot that its Valentine's day. What's so special about Valentine's day anyway? What is the difference of this day to other days. I mean, aside from the fact that today is the so-called valentine's day.I do not get the point. Or maybe, other people are just soooo in loooooveeeee (uckkkkk) that is why I am having a hard time relating and understanding.

For the meantime, I have to finish my work. The Dead line for these tickers is tomorrow. And FYI, Prudential financial has a lot of connections and so as Walgreens Co.

*By the way, contraceptives are available anywhere.

My Note on Exxon Mobil

Warning: this is by all means my personal opinion and was not intended for dissemination of important information .

Exxon Mobil's stock price just had its crash after some business and political factors. Consequently, I have noted some words to ponder about some things that one way or another related to Exxon. Here it is:

Environmental issues and politics greatly affect a business. These issues ruin the reputation of a business entity and might prolong a bureaucratic agony (i.e., if some legal issues arose from a company) . As a long term repercussion, investors or future shareholders might have a negative expectations thus, might make them pull out shares and not invest indefinitely. Apparently, Exxon Mobil is partly becoming one of the victims of such issues. Thus, to prevent such occurrences, a solid project that would both satisfy the environment and politics should immediately be done.

10 reasons why people should vote for Manny Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao has finally decided on what position should he run to in this coming election. After telling to the public that he is going to run for Mayoralty, he finally decided that a seat in the Congress would be better for him and for his people. Thus, making me muse about his qualifications and Motives and reasons why should he be voted for being a Congressman .Here are some of the thoughts that i have gathered while musing on why Manny Pacquiao Should be voted (in random order):

1. He is a boxer.
2. He has been trained in boxing arena for over 15 years.
3. He won in his last fight with Morales
4. He is a product endorser.
5. He has an Album.
6. He has a mansion at Gen. San.
7. He won Millions of Dollars over his last fight.
8. He has a good heart for the masses.
9. He supports clean election
10.He wants to work over a law which has these contents-- " trabaho muna, walang away-away and education" (as per 24 oras-GMA 7).

4G : A newer version of 3G.

I was amazed and at the same time disheartened when I have heard that a newer technology would soon arise from the mobile industry market. Its the 4G. I have not still experienced the benefits of 3G technology and yet another communications technology innovation would soon dominate (again) the mobile phone market.

Nonetheless, I am glad that my phone has only basic communications features. Thus, not making me want to say "@#CK #$IT!"

However, I am still craving for iPhone and LG shine.

Richard Gomez : For Senator?

The night before yesterday I have watched the Palaban TV show at GMA 7. Their topics, I must say, are little bit hot and very contemporary. And the topic that brought out the feeling like when I have watched those people dancing boomtarattarat ( its a weird feeling-mixture of hate and laughter, anger and sort of I-want-to-smash-somebody's-head feeling) was the topic about Richard Gomez's credentials and platforms for Senatorial election.

When Mareng Winnie asked about aside from being a good looking guy, what other characteristics of Richard Gomez that would make him a very credible senator, Richard Gomez replied "My heart belongs to senate". Ok that answer was really very very mind bugling .It would really make him a Great Senator.

Another thing that really caught my attention was when Mareng Winnie Asked about his platforms as a Senatorial candidate. He replied he wants to help the Philippine education system.He wants to have a nation wide toothbrush campaign for students. Ok first things first. How will a person help or even provide a solution to the core problem of Philippine education system through nation wide toothbrush campaign? Instead of dealing with classroom renovations or classroom building, Instead of providing books to students at elementary level, instead of giving more budgets to state colleges and universities, Mr. Gomez wants a toothbrush campaign--Indeed, a very very brilliant idea.

Lesson learned: when watching a TV show with such topics and with such personalties, immediately skip the show and just watch cartoons at cartoon network. Or maybe ask a help from your siblings or any person from your place to tickle you before you watch such show. In that way, laughing out your internal organs will be prevented.


I've watched Babel 3 times only to prove that Jessica Zafra's review is really correct. Of course, i had watched it twice before the review came out. And i had found out that the review was very intelligent and interesting especially the one which is not really agreeable for me.

She said that "It’s supposed to be about how we are all connected, but all it says to me is, “Don’t go to Morocco, don’t go to Mexico, and watch out for them nasty Japanese schoolgirls!” I wanted to hurl my cellphone at the screen". I actually find it weird for her broadcasting this comment over the cyberspace coz the movie (filmmakers) is not really that harsh when it comes to countries and people who are involved in the movie. The story actually just revolved around a) on who owns the gun that made a tourist in Morocco be shot by juveniles (an extremely isolated case), b) and the Mexican nanny who brought her employers' (The tourist who got shot) kids with her going to Mexico.

The movie actually did not tell or portray meanfully any situation that will prove that the specific comment of JZ is correct.

* o well, thats life. Everybody has something to say. I am glad i have.

Assignment for the day is..

Putnam investments ..Thats all..hehe

iPhone Mania

Note: for Ryan, Leslie and Dexter..I know you are sick and tired of This..hell yeah! Just Throw up!! hikhikhik

Do you have an iPod? how about Apple mac?..Aha..well Apple company, the producer of iPod and Apple mac has produced another brilliant invention that is a revolutionary in the mobile phone industry..terrrrrrrren....presenting the iPHONE!!!!!!


Rants about iPhone started last year. And believe it or not these rants actually made the stock price of Apple rose in to a certain percentage. Not a sale, not an import or export, its just a rant and it really made the stock price of Apple skyrocket.

Enough of the stock prices! Apple's iPhone is an all-in-one phone that is why its a revolutionary phone. It somehow bridges the gap between the Music player and a cellphone. So imagine an iPod in a Cell phone...Here are some of the lists of exciting features of iPhone:

1. Its a widescreen iPod. Yes you got it right! It has a 3.5 inch widescreen for better viewing on videos/movies, and for better scrolling your favorite music. Aside from its huge screen, it has also 2 megapixel camera to better appreciate the picture that you'll capture on the phone.

2. Surf the net directly from iPhone! And this is what I like about this phone. You dont have to use the GPRS mode or go to the site of mobile service company to search the web coz it has a built in Google and yahoo search.And aside from OSx as its OS, Its also a multi-tasking phone. Like a PC, you can download your music or picture while reading your emails.

3. Its a touch screen phone. Now you wont have to worry about hard keypads or lost stylus pen coz the iPhone offers a multi touch screen system (just touch) to browse the net in the easiest manner or to search or dial ur friend in the most convenient way.High tech!

4.It has a huge memory capacity.Here in the Philippines, so far 2g to 4G is the highest memory capacity of a phone. But in iPhone its actually a whopping 8G.So you wont have to worry about erasing a file because your goignt to reach the memeory limit on your phone. In iPhone youll have a chance to download upto 5000 to 6000 songs of your choice.

There you go guys..Actually, there a lot more good features of iPhone that i have not mentioned and that have not been mentioned by Apple company. I guess its Apple's strategy to make people buzz more of its product before its first release in the US market in June 2007.

They are actually targeting to sell 10M units after its initial release. And I bet Apple's marketing strategy to reach its goal is to drool people by making some mystery effects on its iPhone. And apparently, many Apple products fanatics are alrady craving for the phone. Many ohter-products-users are also getting excited to get the Apple's iPhone. So, Apple is actually gradually realizing the effects of its planned startegy.

By the way, its sad to say that the release of iPhone in the asia pacific region is on the 1st quarter of 2008.Sad. And The price of iPhone is alittle bit high. Its $499 for 4G memory and $599 for 8G memory. So if youll goign to convert it in peso, it will be approximately P30000. (originally posted at my older blog)

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