Google at last has a tough competitor?

CUIL ( cool).

I have tested it. I went to the site and tried searching my name. It gave results.

I went back again and searched for my friend's name. I realized that my friend is not as famous as I am. Thus, the second test was of lesser impact to my personal review about Cuil.

Cuil boasts it has the largest index on web which means it has more related searchable information. 3 times the index of Google? 

How about relevancy? 

Its good to know that the market for search engines is gradually being saturated.

Guard Guards!

During weekends, holidays, or vacant times, people want to have a secure and cool place to hang out with. Mall is a cool-enough place. But how secure are the malls in the country?

Ideally, Malls should be secured enough since from the entrance, there should be several guards who should scrutinize a person's hand carry things. And in the inside, still security checks should also be practiced. 

Ironically, my experienced last July 28 was different than what it should be. 

I went to a recently built Mall in Quezon city only to find out that one of the guards there had let a man  who has gun inside his jacket get inside the mall without even inspecting it or without asking for an identification card.

I was in line for inspection during that time and was behind the man with a gun. When the man with a gun was about to be inspected, the man told the guard that he has a Gun inside his jacket and he said he was a policeman. Then the guard did not do anything.He just let the man get inside without even asking if the man has proof that he is really a policeman or without even checking if the man is really carrying a gun or a bazooka.

(What a .....!)

Guards in every establishment should be scrutinizing or suspicious enough especially in malls since parents with their kids often go there. What if the man who has a gun was not really a policeman after all? What if the man was a crazy person who will just shoot his gun to any person anytime?

Mall management should be strict enough to implement their rules especially when it comes to security issues.

And guards should be guarded!

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