Cama cama camel

Chocolate from Camel's milk? Next would be chocolate from hipopo or rhino.why not?

I'd rather mow our lawn with scissors or teach the concept of photosynthesis to my friends incessantly.

I want to watch adventureland!

Watched the trailer and it was !@ekin' hilarious.

More adventureland here.

Also, movies you might want to watch:

1. the ugly truth - Katherine heigel and gerard butler.definitely a feel-good movie, I suspect.
2. Public enemies - mafia wars!
3. G-force - a movie break for abs-cbn dancers? enkk...a movie break for guinea pigs.sounds exciting.
4. The hang over -hoot hoot
5. Drag me to hell - feel like watchin this horror flick again!
6. Harry pata
7. Smart people - I was supposed to watch this before, but heck..
8. Shooter - Mark Wahlberg fan!
9. Cold souls - Sounds exciting. With paul giamatti in the helm.
10. Taking woodstock - flashback...


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