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For those who recently graduated:

"Say goodbye to the campus bitches and say hello to the office sluts" - Bigbaddie

..and Whiners, gossipers, bombs, traps, friends, long hours of work and hard-earned money!


The Buzz

I found this blog while surfing the net after long hours of working from the office.

To my dismay, I have decided to freeze my application for Smart bro prepaid wifi. I guess I should consider other options.

Globe broadband budget bundles has a nice review on this blog.

I must agree to the other bloggers about the "what should be's " of different Internet service provider in the country. I say, aside from reliable internet connection, ISPs should also be reliable in terms of technical assistance whenever the need for such arrives.

Run through on solstice

Club Balai Isabel was indeed an experience. After the outing though - back to work. Tons of workloads .Regional Managers, Directors , VPs and the ETC as a whole became thirsty for some actions. I had my work at home. Shitty but nice.

After the draining week though, I treated myself with some close-to-funky experiences (Internet, relaksasi, etc..) that led me to focus on Smart bro's prepaid wifi connection.

Initially, Smart bro's prepaid Wifi costs 4500 pesos. Its for the kit. Then it will charge users for about 10 pesos per 30 minutes.Question is - how reliable and fast is the connection?

I found some enlightening facts in this blog.

I am considering on getting myself killed with "works at home" through getting the smart bro's prepaid wifi kit.However, there is still this question on the issue of its reliability considering the fact that a lot of Smart bro's plan users are very busy bombarding forums and blogs with negative comments about the speed and services as whole of the smart bro's internet connection.

ZTE project in the country should have been pushed through. That way, free wifi connection for everybody will just going to be around the corner. And in that way, no issues for rice shortage or skyrocketing of prices for every consumer goods should have been sensationalized. And in that way, I would not have to think of the problems about taking my works at home and getting the wifi kit.

By the way, Shooter and Street kings are nice movies to watch.

Post post

Been to Boracay last month. I am tempted again to go back.

There is something in the place that makes me want to go back again and again. Is it the White sand?eenk... Is it the all night partying?eenkk... Is it the food?eennk... Is it the people?eenk...

If I'm gonna rank the reasons why I want to go back to the infamous island, I would definitely make the Place slash experiences as the top-ranked reasons. That way, I wont have to rank a second or a third reason or fourth or fifth or sixth or seventh or nth reason.

My first dinner in the place was an accidental splurging. I had ordered a Tilapia, instead of ordering the eat-all-you-can seafood ( Crabs, shrimps, oysters plus porkshcops, chickens, unlimited rice etc). Surprise! When the bill came, the price of tilapia was 100 percent more than of what I should have had paid. And what pissed me off more was the fact that the restaurant was not accepting mastercard or visa card.

After the heavy feeling though, I went back to the resto the day after and took the eat-all-you-can promo. I had a revenge. I ate it all. Piece of cake.

Then came the burning experience.

Then the sand warming experience

Then the Monkey and the Dolphin experience
Need I say more? I have decided. I cant wait to see Club Balai Isabel in Batangas!

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