So tight that it feels right!

I still dont have the ID needed for me to enter different parts of the company's premises where I currently work. Unfortunately, upon getting one, I was caught by 2 guards in the building and then was literally questioned and investigated.

I was tasked by HRD to go to the place near our working place to have my picture taken. And I did.

When I was on the way going back to the floor where our office is located, I was suddenly approached by 2 security guards from the entrance area and they had asked me to follow them in the basement where their sort of barracks like office is located.

Though I already knew why they were asking me to follow them, still I insisted to ask why. But then the only answer I got was " just follow us" phrase.

Consequently, I followed them in the basement 1 of the building.

I went inside their office and then when I sat down, 2 security officers looking like PSG approached me and gave me a printed version of what I did when I entered the main building going back to our office.

I saw myself on the paper looking like I was entering a narrow hole of a cave. I realized I was almost on a laid down position just to enter the badge-enabled gate (same gate in the mrt) of the building.

They told me to explain why I entered the premise without a proper permission. And so I narrated my novel like explanation. However, security officers were so tight that they called our HRD just to confirm if I am really a newly hired employee of the company.

Good thing , our HRD confirmed me. And good thing our HRD got furious to those security officers who questioned me because on the first place it was their fault why I did not get a cross-over badge to enter different premises of the bulding. Our HR told the security officers that from time to time HRD is giving an updated file of new hires on the reception area in order for them to recognize and consequently, give a cross-over badge to those listed on the file. Nevertheless, the security and the reception failed to recognize me.

In the end, the security officers were very apologetic that they had asked me what should they do to make up for the damages that they did.

I asked them to give me 1000 bucks for the damage plus an impromptu foot massage minimum of 1.5 hours.

They willingly gave me what I had asked.

(partly fictional, partly true)

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