Have you ever imagined how a $53 million dollars in cash would look like? Here, get a glimpse:

Photos were grabbed from El Universal

Beefy Week

I just realized a couple of hours (2am) ago when I got home and bought a burger that --I have not missed any day this week without eating beef on my daily eating habit.

Last Sunday (03.11.07) when I had this fever, I started craving for a beefy meal. So what I did was to go on the nearest tokyotokyo restaurant to eat some beef misono stuff for my lunch.

On the following day,which was Monday, I was eating beef misono, again at tokyotokyo for my lunch.

On tuesday, I ate a Tapsi for my breakfast at a certain foodstall near the building where I am working.

Last wednesday, I ate beef misono for my dinner again at tokyotokyo.

Last thursday, again I ate beef misono at tokyotokyo for my dinner.

Last friday (actually, dawn of saturday), I ate a hamburger after going from Xaymaca.

And today, I ate beef misono at tokyotokyo for my lunch.And while doing this post, I am actually munching a burger which I bought at a foodstall in the mall.

I am still planning to have a beef for my sunday meal.

Hail to the beef! hail to the cattle industry!

By the way, Manny Pacquiao announced again that he would beef-up just to have seat in the congress. A beefy idea Indeed!


1.Was Chavit Singson making a joke with his gimmick at Misamis Oriental?
2.Or he was just marking an impression that he is rich and powerful?
3.Does he really know that giving money during election campaign is an infringement of the Election law in the country?
4.Is it possible that he was just being kind to Misamis oriental people that was why he gave envelopes with a thousand pesos attached to the locals?
5.Is it possible that the event at Misamis was not really the fault of Chavit, rather the organizer of the event as Chavit claimed?
6.Or the event was really just a mere political gimmick of Chavit for the election?
7.Is it possible that Chavit does not have lawyers as advisers for election laws?
8.Or Chavit does not really care about the lawyers and just want to do what he thinks are right?
9.Is Chavit a credible candidate for senatorial election?
10.With his acts, is it possible that he would win the senatorial election?

Out of the box Possibilities

As have notified, tuition fee increase for one of the premier state university in the country would have to be implemented. I suspect, this scenario would have gargantuan effects not only for ongoing and incoming UP students, rather for the whole state/private colleges/universities all over the country.Possible effects on the economy might also be seen.

First, increase in the tuition fee of UP might trigger the increase of tuition fees of other state/private colleges/Universities. This is because School standards issues are at stake and everybody wants to have high standards.Or other schools/universities might just take advantage of the fact that,like UP, they also want to have a possible improved facilities even if its not really necessary. Who are at the loosing end?

Second, increase in the tuition fee of UP might contribute a significant figure to the increasing unemployment rate in the country. This is because UP, although diverse, majority of UP students belong to below poverty threshold level social stratification. Thus, ongoing and incoming students who are going to be affected with the increase and who are competitive might stop schooling because of the scenario. What will happen to these students?

Third, increase in tuition fee of UP might lead to the demoralization of supposedly incoming students to choose UP as a possible avenue for higher education. Thus, might lead "supposedly incoming students" to choose private universities which are at Par with UP standards.What will happen then to UP?

Solutions? I believe, as one of the desperate out-of-the-box moves, UP should ask for tie-ups to private entities for a possible sponsorships on its projects and researches so as to lessen the burden of incoming UP students who are indeed carrying a greater weight in the UP tuition fee increase. This out-of-the box solution however, might lessen the image of UP as a state or partly government owned university.

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