Weekend Itenerary


1. My sibling stayed in my place for a night(Friday) in order for us to welcome our parents.

2. My parents drove all the way from the province to go to the place where I currently reside just to scold me and remind me how messy my place is. Nonetheless, at least I was reminded. No. Actually they went in the metro to attend the Despedida of our Uncle and to see the recently acquired home of our uncle at Cottonwoods Village Antipolo.

3. My parents just dropped by at my place for just an hour and went directly to Antipolo.

4. I cleaned my place after.

5. My sibling went back to her dorm at Diliman.

6. At around 8pm, my sib sent me a message about going to our uncle's place.


1. At 10am, we were fetched by our uncle at a nearby mall.Surprisingly my cousin and nephews were with my uncle.

2. Next pit stop was at Manila Memorial to visit our peacefully resting aunt.

3. At lunch, we ate at Jollibee!!!!And again I was surprised because our other cousins were at Jollibee too!!!! hahahaha

4. Our group was divided into two after lunch. The other half went directly to Antipolo. Our group went to see the apartments of our Cousin which are for lease. My father, suggested to occupy one of the rooms for his reasons that: 1. It is more Cozy 2. It will be much cheaper. 3. It will going to be nearer to the place where I work.

5. After the tour, we went to our uncle's place.

6. We Had a movie marathon up to 6pm.

7. Dinner was served after. And I got bloated with different foods. I particularly like the combination of Ice cream and beer.

8. After dinner, picture taking was done.Its just sad that my other cousins were not around for the picture taking. Dhang went to Galera. Ate joyce went for a European tour with his husband.Nonetheless, the event still went well.

9. After the picture taking, we were brought back to our places at the metro.

10.I immediately slept after.

Lesson learned: Clean your place every now and then and do not eat too much ice cream while drinking soft drinks and a beer. Constipation might be triggered.

Fundamental and Technical

Do not worry. This won't induce nose bleeding.

I was kinda doubtful about how technicians(aka technical analysts) predict the stock prices and investor's emotion by just using charting techniques.

Projecting the prices and tracing the price trends based on ratio-to-moving average method or through a specific regression process and based on by volume traded would be more reliable since real data are being utilize in those manners. However, Using charting techniques such as just looking at the, say for instance, a head-and-shoulder figure trend on a specific time period in a graph or just looking for a neckline figure would be, personally, ridiculous in projecting stock prices.(Try looking a head and shoulder figure on the graph below and project the price for the next 5 quarters)

Figure was taken from Seeking Alpha (Leveraging the price of silver)

In my own belief, the best way to project the price is to combine Fundamental analysis with technical analysis-- which is using some external factors aside from prices (e.g., political, supply, demand, etc.) and using some techniques such as computing for the Solvency and liquidity of a certain company you want to price-project.

However, I am still intrigued on how technicians become a million dollar men in an instant by just merely saying that they used charting techniques in predicting or projecting a specific stock price.

Well, I guess they are just lucky or better yet afraid of saying that they had used fundamental analysis since their job title (as a technical analyst) might be affected.

** By the way congratulations to Anitokid for his Work about Apple's iPhone that was featured at Seeking Alpha. Great Job!!!!

Hooooooly Movie Weeeeeeeeeek!!!

Warning: If you don want to know what will going to happen in the next episodes of Grey's anatomy then do not read this post.

I left the city last Maundy Thursday and came back 8 days after. Although the temperature in the province was grueling hot, still I had a heck of a vacation!

Aside from going out from time to time with my old friends and spending some quality time with my family, I also did watch and criticize movies worth watching .Here are the lists of movies that I had watched (in random order):

Pan's labyrinth - Spoken in Spanish language. Indeed, a highly imaginative movie!

Stranger than fiction - A story within a story within a story. Smart movie!

Rocky Balboa - Boksing (In english, Boxing).

Little Miss Sunshine - drama, Action, problem solving of a family's problems happened in a few days ride going to california .A story of a typical American Family.

Saw 3 - Bloody! More imaginative and gory contraptions.

Borat - I was intrigued with the national anthem of Kazakhstan.Enormous cultural differences between Kazakhstan and USA were very prominent.

Smokin Aces - Smokin'!. Somehow the movie exudes some hilarious flicks.

The Good Shepherd - 1950's-60's.

Apocalypto - The gruesome scenes were good. But the story is a little bit shallow.

The fountain - the tree of life.Love story.

Grey's Anatomy (all new episodes) - This is not a movie. Nonetheless, episodes in series are actually fun to watch (real drama in the hospital and in real life). Anyways, These are the things that happened after watching 11 episodes.

** Dr. Izzie became millionaire because of saving the life of a patient who later on became her fiance (who unfortunately died)and decided to go back to Seattle grace hospital.
** Dr.Cristina Yang, became so protective that instead of protecting, she became very destructing.
** Dr. Greg's father almost died and he did not choose Dr. Burke as his father's surgeon.
** Dr. Burke almost got the Chief surgeon position, but because of Dr. Cristina and Burke's ailment at right hand, promotion was stopped.
** Dr. Alex Karev Fucked a cancer patient and almost fell in love with the ex-wife of Dr. Derek
** Dr. Addison Shepherd resisted to live with Dr. Sloane because Dr. Sloane is a slut (male version)
** Dr. Sloane continued to be become male slut and continued abusing his power over the interns.
** Dr. Derek Shepherd won the heart of Dr. Grey after a close race with a contemporary doctor who happens to like Dr. Grey too. However, Dr. Shepherd is having a hard time sleeping with Dr. Grey because Dr. Grey snores so loud.
** Dr. Grey continued supporting her best friend Dr. Cristina even if Cristina was asking Dr. Grey to stopped defending and supporting her.
**Dr. Miranda Bailey Still accepted Dr. Izzie as one of her interns but with some more strict rules. No say, No touch policy!
** Dr. Webber was disappointed with Dr. Burke because he already wants to retire and he wants to pass His throne to Dr. Burke.

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