Cama cama camel

Chocolate from Camel's milk? Next would be chocolate from hipopo or rhino.why not?

I'd rather mow our lawn with scissors or teach the concept of photosynthesis to my friends incessantly.

I want to watch adventureland!

Watched the trailer and it was !@ekin' hilarious.

More adventureland here.

Also, movies you might want to watch:

1. the ugly truth - Katherine heigel and gerard butler.definitely a feel-good movie, I suspect.
2. Public enemies - mafia wars!
3. G-force - a movie break for abs-cbn dancers? enkk...a movie break for guinea pigs.sounds exciting.
4. The hang over -hoot hoot
5. Drag me to hell - feel like watchin this horror flick again!
6. Harry pata
7. Smart people - I was supposed to watch this before, but heck..
8. Shooter - Mark Wahlberg fan!
9. Cold souls - Sounds exciting. With paul giamatti in the helm.
10. Taking woodstock - flashback...


"Twitter is our id, Facebook is our Ego" -- :O

"I was speaking with my good friend Howard Lindzon, my partner in several Twitter-related investments, about the differences in the way people communicate on Twitter and Facebook. Howard's sense is that everybody lies on Facebook; that people represent a kind of "false self," so that it is hard to really know what a person is like from their Facebook profile. He feels differently about Twitter, however, holding the belief that people's tweets are a much closer representation of their true self than Facebook. So that someone who is a jerk on Twitter is likely a jerk in real life, and someone who is thoughtful and careful in their tweets is also like that offline. After considering Howard's theory, I am convinced that he is right. Then it hit me. There is a framework for conceptualizing the differences in peoples' communication between these two media: Freud's structural model of the psyche. In short, Twitter is the id, while Facebook is the ego."-Information arbitrage

I had my first twitter account 3 or 4 years ago, same with facebook. I had stopped using twitter 2 years ago.I am still using facebook.

On twitter - no comment.

On Facebook - I just don't agree that people represent a kind of "false self" in facebook. When I share what is on my mind in face book, I really tell what is on my mind without any kyeme or whatsoever. In a way, I believe I am giving my friends an idea on who I really am. Ergo, not a kind of "false self".

My point is...Long live facebook!!

So much about facebook.. lemme just eat my donuts.


More pictures here

If you feel like going to Paris, London or where ever any time soon, then rings above might serve as an added inspiration.

Although I must say that wearing these rings in the office would be yes, an inspiration, but definitely not be comfortable in the fingers. Imagine yourself typing into your keyboards with these rings. come on! Pretty much heavy.Talking about putting colossal landmarks into your barely 1 one-pound finger.

On the other hand though, these rings might be a quick and a ginarmous stress reliever.Say somebody in your place or office is annoying you big time, all you have to do is to punch these thing or person with these rings in you finger..magic!

Kidding aside, these rings are cool but then again, its not a cool thing to wear it every working day.

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