Blogging at BK

Wifi Connection at Burger King in Trinoma is pretty decent when compared to other establishments which offer such.

Get a meal that will surely bloat your stomach and get a high speed internet connection for free!

Just ask a password at the counter and your done. Love ko to!


Tonight, I had a training about warranty, RGA's and some programs that are used in generating reports for the former.

I was literally flooded by a river of numbers and symbols. As I was having my training, I realized that I am a masochist. I am a Masochist for having the drive to suck up huge amount of information and finding some correlations within without actually whining or getting irritated.

This is my rant for the day.

I feel like listening to Cat power's Sea of Love.

The only constant in this life

I've moved. Another work.

This time workloads are focused on forecasting and planning. Tons of people to work with ( in the work place). Majority are engineers. I directly work though to the VP of Marketing and Business development.

First day after the the new employment training, I was bombarded with gazillion of Information. I would not say it was an Information overload. It was just overwhelming (lolz). Take a glimpse of what I was introduced with:

1. Demand Planning With Two versions
2. Sales and Profit Analysis
3. Mexico Set Integrity
4.Sales by Store, Market and Item
6. Distributor and POS data
7. PONC Charges
8. Warranty reports and analysis
9. Filter Sales Analysis
10. Average Sales per store, market and region
11. Phone call Analysis
12. Set Integrity

Then came Softwares. Dozens of softwares, mostly for forecasting and data management.

Professionally speaking, I would say I'm half happy with what's happening in my life right now . Half happy because I always land with the job that I like.However, with my current job, I still have a lot of things to experience or go through again.

My "another race" has just begun. My assurance of having complete happiness in this " another race" is still unknown for now. But I am hoping for the best.

This leads me to what my friend have told me about the speed of light.

Connect the dots.

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