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If you feel like going to Paris, London or where ever any time soon, then rings above might serve as an added inspiration.

Although I must say that wearing these rings in the office would be yes, an inspiration, but definitely not be comfortable in the fingers. Imagine yourself typing into your keyboards with these rings. come on! Pretty much heavy.Talking about putting colossal landmarks into your barely 1 one-pound finger.

On the other hand though, these rings might be a quick and a ginarmous stress reliever.Say somebody in your place or office is annoying you big time, all you have to do is to punch these thing or person with these rings in you finger..magic!

Kidding aside, these rings are cool but then again, its not a cool thing to wear it every working day.

saptulura2dy said... said:

July 7, 2009 at 11:31 PM

iba yung dating sa kin nung rings...

o kaya baka naman para sa pusa yan??

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