Beefy Week

I just realized a couple of hours (2am) ago when I got home and bought a burger that --I have not missed any day this week without eating beef on my daily eating habit.

Last Sunday (03.11.07) when I had this fever, I started craving for a beefy meal. So what I did was to go on the nearest tokyotokyo restaurant to eat some beef misono stuff for my lunch.

On the following day,which was Monday, I was eating beef misono, again at tokyotokyo for my lunch.

On tuesday, I ate a Tapsi for my breakfast at a certain foodstall near the building where I am working.

Last wednesday, I ate beef misono for my dinner again at tokyotokyo.

Last thursday, again I ate beef misono at tokyotokyo for my dinner.

Last friday (actually, dawn of saturday), I ate a hamburger after going from Xaymaca.

And today, I ate beef misono at tokyotokyo for my lunch.And while doing this post, I am actually munching a burger which I bought at a foodstall in the mall.

I am still planning to have a beef for my sunday meal.

Hail to the beef! hail to the cattle industry!

By the way, Manny Pacquiao announced again that he would beef-up just to have seat in the congress. A beefy idea Indeed!

The Broken Bow said... said:

March 25, 2007 at 12:28 AM

hehe. beefy guy. beefy ary. call it a rhyme eh.

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