Hooooooly Movie Weeeeeeeeeek!!!

Warning: If you don want to know what will going to happen in the next episodes of Grey's anatomy then do not read this post.

I left the city last Maundy Thursday and came back 8 days after. Although the temperature in the province was grueling hot, still I had a heck of a vacation!

Aside from going out from time to time with my old friends and spending some quality time with my family, I also did watch and criticize movies worth watching .Here are the lists of movies that I had watched (in random order):

Pan's labyrinth - Spoken in Spanish language. Indeed, a highly imaginative movie!

Stranger than fiction - A story within a story within a story. Smart movie!

Rocky Balboa - Boksing (In english, Boxing).

Little Miss Sunshine - drama, Action, problem solving of a family's problems happened in a few days ride going to california .A story of a typical American Family.

Saw 3 - Bloody! More imaginative and gory contraptions.

Borat - I was intrigued with the national anthem of Kazakhstan.Enormous cultural differences between Kazakhstan and USA were very prominent.

Smokin Aces - Smokin'!. Somehow the movie exudes some hilarious flicks.

The Good Shepherd - 1950's-60's.

Apocalypto - The gruesome scenes were good. But the story is a little bit shallow.

The fountain - the tree of life.Love story.

Grey's Anatomy (all new episodes) - This is not a movie. Nonetheless, episodes in series are actually fun to watch (real drama in the hospital and in real life). Anyways, These are the things that happened after watching 11 episodes.

** Dr. Izzie became millionaire because of saving the life of a patient who later on became her fiance (who unfortunately died)and decided to go back to Seattle grace hospital.
** Dr.Cristina Yang, became so protective that instead of protecting, she became very destructing.
** Dr. Greg's father almost died and he did not choose Dr. Burke as his father's surgeon.
** Dr. Burke almost got the Chief surgeon position, but because of Dr. Cristina and Burke's ailment at right hand, promotion was stopped.
** Dr. Alex Karev Fucked a cancer patient and almost fell in love with the ex-wife of Dr. Derek
** Dr. Addison Shepherd resisted to live with Dr. Sloane because Dr. Sloane is a slut (male version)
** Dr. Sloane continued to be become male slut and continued abusing his power over the interns.
** Dr. Derek Shepherd won the heart of Dr. Grey after a close race with a contemporary doctor who happens to like Dr. Grey too. However, Dr. Shepherd is having a hard time sleeping with Dr. Grey because Dr. Grey snores so loud.
** Dr. Grey continued supporting her best friend Dr. Cristina even if Cristina was asking Dr. Grey to stopped defending and supporting her.
**Dr. Miranda Bailey Still accepted Dr. Izzie as one of her interns but with some more strict rules. No say, No touch policy!
** Dr. Webber was disappointed with Dr. Burke because he already wants to retire and he wants to pass His throne to Dr. Burke.

THE ANiTOKiD said... said:

April 18, 2007 at 5:17 PM

Love your site bro! Very fresh...indeed! And I love your post on the movies....very nice! Keep it up bro!

Novice Blogger said... said:

April 18, 2007 at 5:21 PM

Sa sine ba mga to? Kung hindi, pahiram naman ng dvd. hehe.

Ary said... said:

April 18, 2007 at 5:33 PM

Thanks!.. DVD..I'm willing to have my dvds be borrowed but with a certain charge..hahahaha

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