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I found this blog while surfing the net after long hours of working from the office.

To my dismay, I have decided to freeze my application for Smart bro prepaid wifi. I guess I should consider other options.

Globe broadband budget bundles has a nice review on this blog.

I must agree to the other bloggers about the "what should be's " of different Internet service provider in the country. I say, aside from reliable internet connection, ISPs should also be reliable in terms of technical assistance whenever the need for such arrives.

Anonymous said... said:

May 12, 2008 at 6:32 PM

Yeah... good decision to put SmartBro aside. I heard that Bayan(Tel) is coming up with their own broadband service. And as you know, when Bayan comes in, the prices drop significantly and all other telecoms' overpricing is exposed, and their services significantly improve.

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