Spoilers (edited version)

The rate at which the Harry Potter and the deathly hollows got sold on its US launching was around 96 copies per second. Hence, at a per hour rate, it was selling at around 345,840 copies. Thus, if a person has a copy of the HP 7th book, then that person contributed approximately .00000012% to that killer sales stat.. Which in effect would entail J.K. Rowling to have an income of around $43,575,000 per day (from US market alone) assuming that other things held constant and that her royalty per book sold was at around 15%.

But since Spoilers have been around the net lately, J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter Book series Fanatics might have been very pissed.

Spoilers issue, like piracy, is a Must-be-solved problem in the entertainment and consumer discretionary sector. For it does not only suck the income of Authors, rather the whole sector. Which in turn makes a domino effect (negative) on the credibility of the industry in mitigating such and so with the entire Economy.

kegler747 said... said:

July 25, 2007 at 1:42 PM

Well, I think that spoilers like heresays have wings :) I can't think of a way to solve the problem that you pointed out.

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