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I have been busy looking up on the sales of the Gap Inc. these past few weeks. Unfortunately, its sales and profit continue to slide down (as per Google Finance). Sales from its subsidiaries like Banana Republic, old navy, among others, are distressingly evaporating. Nonetheless, I have this strong instinct that The Gap Inc. would gradually offset its loss of sales profit because the new Executive VP of Design for Gap Adult and GapBody would now be in the helm. Its Patrick Robinson, the new EVP of Gap Inc.- the former Artistic Director at Paco Rabanne in Paris, the former Senior Designer of Perry Ellis and Ann Klein and the former Design Director at Le Collezioni White Label by Giorgio Armani.

Disclosure: I do not own any share/stocks of the company mentioned above. All the things that I have mentioned above were based on my personal observations.

Meanwhile, somebody please try this one out! I wont tell you what it does. But I guarantee you its good.

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pa-add naman! hehe. add din kita. evil talaga ang viralink na to. haha!

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