Fat but thin

Whenever you feel like you're hungry for some gorgeous gadgets , then Samsung i600 probably is what you're craving for. This World's thinnest smart Phone will probably make you full with its whopping features. WiFi, podcast options and RSS reader will just going to be appetizers. More mouth-watering entree here.

The price is reasonable. Its P24,0000 (≈ $530). A friend bought a unit instead of buying some GMA shares (for his parents.Lolz). And I say, its perfectly better.

Spoilers (edited version)

The rate at which the Harry Potter and the deathly hollows got sold on its US launching was around 96 copies per second. Hence, at a per hour rate, it was selling at around 345,840 copies. Thus, if a person has a copy of the HP 7th book, then that person contributed approximately .00000012% to that killer sales stat.. Which in effect would entail J.K. Rowling to have an income of around $43,575,000 per day (from US market alone) assuming that other things held constant and that her royalty per book sold was at around 15%.

But since Spoilers have been around the net lately, J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter Book series Fanatics might have been very pissed.

Spoilers issue, like piracy, is a Must-be-solved problem in the entertainment and consumer discretionary sector. For it does not only suck the income of Authors, rather the whole sector. Which in turn makes a domino effect (negative) on the credibility of the industry in mitigating such and so with the entire Economy.

This is a loophole

iPhone does not have MMS Funtionality. This is bad especially in the Philippine setting (and so with the Asian mobile market). Most of the cellular phone users in the country are inclined in sending pictures through MMS instead of emails.

Apple should do something about it.


"I am so lucky"

Mr. Elbert Cuenca, officially, is the first person who owns an iPhone in the Philippines.


Hates and Likes

Got this from one of my blog buddies --Sonnie's Porch

  • Food I hate– None..talking about being a scavenger (hehe)
  • Fruits I hate– Atis
  • Veggies I hate Least Liked– Eggplants
  • People I hate Least Liked– "Those who don’t have the balls to stand on what is right"
  • Event/Situation/Incident that I hate–LBM
  • TV shows/movies that I hate- Korean telenovelas
  • Music I hate– Songs of April boy, Renz Verano, etc..
  • Household chores I hate-Dishwashing
  • Thing/s that you hate around the world– Pollution
  • Thing/s that you hate about yourself– Too kind
I am passing the baton to anyone who wants to take it!

Google shirt + iPhone

Here is another contest that would enable everybody to possibly get a free iPhone plus a possible bragging rights in designing Gmail's shirt design.

I better get my Photoshop ready.


This is your chance to to grab and touch the much awaited iPhone before its launching in the country next year!!! Mr. Gary Lee is giving up a FREE 8GIG iPHONE!!!!


Squishees = Slurpees

For the sake of promoting The Simpsons movie, which took 18 years in the making, 7-11 actually changed some of its stores' name into Kwik-E-marts... and so does some of its products.

Trivia: Kwik-E-Mart is a fictional convenience store in the Simpsons which is owned by Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.

Its a good marketing strategy for the Simpsons movie, though, since 7-11 stores are like mushrooms which boom anywhere. The company has more than 25,000 franchised stores scattered world wide. And in the US and Canada alone, there over a thousand 7-11 stores that cater to more than 6 million customers 24/7.

So imagine how many people would actually know that the Simpsons movie would come to existence and imagine how many of these people who buy regularly in 7-11 would be watching it.

Count me in!

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