My Note on Exxon Mobil

Warning: this is by all means my personal opinion and was not intended for dissemination of important information .

Exxon Mobil's stock price just had its crash after some business and political factors. Consequently, I have noted some words to ponder about some things that one way or another related to Exxon. Here it is:

Environmental issues and politics greatly affect a business. These issues ruin the reputation of a business entity and might prolong a bureaucratic agony (i.e., if some legal issues arose from a company) . As a long term repercussion, investors or future shareholders might have a negative expectations thus, might make them pull out shares and not invest indefinitely. Apparently, Exxon Mobil is partly becoming one of the victims of such issues. Thus, to prevent such occurrences, a solid project that would both satisfy the environment and politics should immediately be done.

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