iPhone Mania

Note: for Ryan, Leslie and Dexter..I know you are sick and tired of This..hell yeah! Just Throw up!! hikhikhik

Do you have an iPod? how about Apple mac?..Aha..well Apple company, the producer of iPod and Apple mac has produced another brilliant invention that is a revolutionary in the mobile phone industry..terrrrrrrren....presenting the iPHONE!!!!!!


Rants about iPhone started last year. And believe it or not these rants actually made the stock price of Apple rose in to a certain percentage. Not a sale, not an import or export, its just a rant and it really made the stock price of Apple skyrocket.

Enough of the stock prices! Apple's iPhone is an all-in-one phone that is why its a revolutionary phone. It somehow bridges the gap between the Music player and a cellphone. So imagine an iPod in a Cell phone...Here are some of the lists of exciting features of iPhone:

1. Its a widescreen iPod. Yes you got it right! It has a 3.5 inch widescreen for better viewing on videos/movies, and for better scrolling your favorite music. Aside from its huge screen, it has also 2 megapixel camera to better appreciate the picture that you'll capture on the phone.

2. Surf the net directly from iPhone! And this is what I like about this phone. You dont have to use the GPRS mode or go to the site of mobile service company to search the web coz it has a built in Google and yahoo search.And aside from OSx as its OS, Its also a multi-tasking phone. Like a PC, you can download your music or picture while reading your emails.

3. Its a touch screen phone. Now you wont have to worry about hard keypads or lost stylus pen coz the iPhone offers a multi touch screen system (just touch) to browse the net in the easiest manner or to search or dial ur friend in the most convenient way.High tech!

4.It has a huge memory capacity.Here in the Philippines, so far 2g to 4G is the highest memory capacity of a phone. But in iPhone its actually a whopping 8G.So you wont have to worry about erasing a file because your goignt to reach the memeory limit on your phone. In iPhone youll have a chance to download upto 5000 to 6000 songs of your choice.

There you go guys..Actually, there a lot more good features of iPhone that i have not mentioned and that have not been mentioned by Apple company. I guess its Apple's strategy to make people buzz more of its product before its first release in the US market in June 2007.

They are actually targeting to sell 10M units after its initial release. And I bet Apple's marketing strategy to reach its goal is to drool people by making some mystery effects on its iPhone. And apparently, many Apple products fanatics are alrady craving for the phone. Many ohter-products-users are also getting excited to get the Apple's iPhone. So, Apple is actually gradually realizing the effects of its planned startegy.

By the way, its sad to say that the release of iPhone in the asia pacific region is on the 1st quarter of 2008.Sad. And The price of iPhone is alittle bit high. Its $499 for 4G memory and $599 for 8G memory. So if youll goign to convert it in peso, it will be approximately P30000. (originally posted at my older blog)

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