Richard Gomez : For Senator?

The night before yesterday I have watched the Palaban TV show at GMA 7. Their topics, I must say, are little bit hot and very contemporary. And the topic that brought out the feeling like when I have watched those people dancing boomtarattarat ( its a weird feeling-mixture of hate and laughter, anger and sort of I-want-to-smash-somebody's-head feeling) was the topic about Richard Gomez's credentials and platforms for Senatorial election.

When Mareng Winnie asked about aside from being a good looking guy, what other characteristics of Richard Gomez that would make him a very credible senator, Richard Gomez replied "My heart belongs to senate". Ok that answer was really very very mind bugling .It would really make him a Great Senator.

Another thing that really caught my attention was when Mareng Winnie Asked about his platforms as a Senatorial candidate. He replied he wants to help the Philippine education system.He wants to have a nation wide toothbrush campaign for students. Ok first things first. How will a person help or even provide a solution to the core problem of Philippine education system through nation wide toothbrush campaign? Instead of dealing with classroom renovations or classroom building, Instead of providing books to students at elementary level, instead of giving more budgets to state colleges and universities, Mr. Gomez wants a toothbrush campaign--Indeed, a very very brilliant idea.

Lesson learned: when watching a TV show with such topics and with such personalties, immediately skip the show and just watch cartoons at cartoon network. Or maybe ask a help from your siblings or any person from your place to tickle you before you watch such show. In that way, laughing out your internal organs will be prevented.

charlotte said... said:

February 12, 2007 at 1:47 PM

nice to hear that still, some people care about politics. we can't judge anyone who wants to run for senatorial race. maybe they have reasons of doing so. may mga plataporma silang sa tingin nila magiging epektibo para sa bansa natin. siguro hudyat na rin ito para sa atin sa darating na eleksyon na bumoto ng tama. lets give these actor-politician the benefit of the doubt. :) ary, visit my new site also: thanks!

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