I've watched Babel 3 times only to prove that Jessica Zafra's review is really correct. Of course, i had watched it twice before the review came out. And i had found out that the review was very intelligent and interesting especially the one which is not really agreeable for me.

She said that "It’s supposed to be about how we are all connected, but all it says to me is, “Don’t go to Morocco, don’t go to Mexico, and watch out for them nasty Japanese schoolgirls!” I wanted to hurl my cellphone at the screen". I actually find it weird for her broadcasting this comment over the cyberspace coz the movie (filmmakers) is not really that harsh when it comes to countries and people who are involved in the movie. The story actually just revolved around a) on who owns the gun that made a tourist in Morocco be shot by juveniles (an extremely isolated case), b) and the Mexican nanny who brought her employers' (The tourist who got shot) kids with her going to Mexico.

The movie actually did not tell or portray meanfully any situation that will prove that the specific comment of JZ is correct.

* o well, thats life. Everybody has something to say. I am glad i have.

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